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Research projects

 Soil cultivation and production technology: 
- Soil preparation without ploughing (Discodent) 
- Green manure 
- Tramlining
- N-calibration and N-fertilization 
- Measure the capacity of N-delivery of soils 
- Precision Farming 
- K, B and Mg supply of beet
 Weed control: 
- Control of dangerous weeds in Hungary (Ambrosia, Abutilon, Xanthium) 
- Find cheaper herbicides and combinations 
- Investigation of herbicid resistant varieties
 Pests and diseases: 
- Testing Cercospora resistant varietes 
- Examination of benomil resistant Cercospora strains 
- Using cheaper fungicides and combinations 
- Optimizing the date of spraying 
- Seed treatments against dangerous pests
 Virus diseases: 
- Improve the soil investigation method for rhizomania 
- Rhizomania map of Hungary 
- Testing rhizomania tolerant varietes
 Remote sensing: 
- New system for objective bonitur 
- Measuring the size of sugar beet fields 
- Yield prediction and Precision Farming
- Testing of varieties under irrigated condition
- Testing of sugar beet harvesters
 Biotechnological research of sugar

  • plant breeding research
  • research of new processing methods of sugar beet: value addedproductsfrombeet fibre (pectin, rare monosacharides, biopolymers degrading in the enviroment etc.)
Biotechnological research on the utilisation of agricultural wastes and by-products for renewableenergy production:
  • measuring the biogas forming potential of by-products and wastes
  • masurement of biogas composition
  • research on the utilisation of CO2 content of biogas
  • improvement of the technology of biogas production by novel reactordesign and process plans
  • tecnological and economical assessment of combined utilisation of carbohydrate plants for biofuel (bioethanol) and biogas production